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    Enrolling at McDonald 2019-20
    Posted on 12/20/2018

    To Enroll in McDonald International School for 2019-2020

    McDonald International School is an Option School. This means enrollment is a TWO STEP PROCESS for families wishing to enroll their children here.

    1. Enroll your incoming student with Seattle Public Schools. Online registration begins Jan 7, 2019; please visit our webpage at under Enroll. (If your student’s home language is either Japanese or Spanish, you should indicate this on the enrollment form).

    2. If you want to apply to McDonald International School, you must submit a School Choice Form to Admissions during Open Enrollment Feb 4-15, 2019, indicating McDonald International School as your first choice. This form will become available February 4 on under Enroll. Participating in Open Enrollment does not guarantee assignment.

    3. The deadline for on time submission of the School Choice Form is Feb 15. The form must be received in enrollment by 11:59 pm or postmarked by this date. If your form is received after this date and time, it will be considered late and will not be considered for tiebreakers.

    4. Students entering 2nd – 5th grades will be required to pass a language proficiency test AFTER Open Enrollment results have been posted (in mid-April). Assignment to McDonald International School will be based on passing the proficiency test. Families will be contacted by McDonald Int’l to schedule this test sometime in early May.

    Assignment Tie breakers for McDonald International School are as follows:

    * 15% of seats at Kindergarten and 1st grade will be assigned to native or heritage Spanish or Japanese speakers (these are families that have indicated home language to be Spanish or Japanese on the original enrollment form).

    * Siblings of current students.

    * Children whose home address is within the Geo Zone.

    * Lottery for students whose home address is outside the Geo Zone.

    If your child is identified as a native/heritage speaker, you will be contacted by McDonald International School to schedule a proficiency test. (Students who do not pass the test will be assigned to the neighborhood school based on their home address, but may remain on the McDonald Int’l waitlist.)

    Historical Kindergarten assignment tiebreaker information (does not include 15% heritage speakers).

    2018 2017

    * # Students initially assigned 86 66

    * Sibling and Geo zone 16 14

    * Sibling only 9 11

    * Geozone only 29 31

    * Neither - all city lottery 32 10

    * Waitlisted 44 52

    Important Transportation note: students assigned to McDonald International School who live outside the transportation area for McDonald International are NOT eligible for transportation. Students who live in the transportation service area of the school are eligible for transportation. Please contact the Transportation department at 206-252-0900 to verify.