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    Principal Newsletter, May 31
    Posted on 06/03/2019

    Dear McDonald International Student and Families,

     It’s hard to believe the year is coming to an end. Just one month until summer. It was wonderful to see so many people in attendance at last week’s PTA meeting and parent program.  I look forward to seeing everyone this Friday at McFestival.   

     I am incredibly excited to share that McDonald International is being honored by the Washington State Board of Education for high achievement in ELA, Math, and SQSS measures. SBE, OSPI, and EOGOAC are recognizing schools who have demonstrated performance along a continuum of improvement, closing opportunity gaps in the Washington School Improvement Framework (WSIF) measures. Measures for the first year include both academic indicators (proficiency, growth, graduation rate, English language progress) as well as school quality and student success measures (dual credit participation, regular attendance, and ninth grade on track rates).

     As you know McDonald International collects a supply fee from families and those fees cover most of the supplies that your children will need throughout the year.  This method of purchasing supplies has benefited families, as it has allowed for bulk purchase discounts and has eliminated the need for individual families to go shopping for their own supplies. For the 2019-2020 school year the supply fee will be $65 per student. We will collect that at the beginning of next school year.

     In the last principal newsletter, I shared the staff teaching assignments for next year. We had 1 change since the newsletter. For next year, Ms. Kathleen will be the .5 ELA Interventionist for grades 3-5 and Ms. Vandermeulen will be a 1.0 4th/5th ELA teacher (meaning she will teach one grade level in the AM and one grade level in the PM).

     In the last few newsletters I introduced you to the new staff members and guest teachers for the 2019-2020 school year. Below is a short bio for our new 4th/5th Japanese Immersion teacher.

     Miwa Casper, Japanese Immersion Teachers 4th/5th grades  

    Miwa Casper 
     was born and grew up in Okazaki, very close to Nagoya (located between Tokyo and Osaka), which is the fourth biggest city in Japan.  I came to the U.S. in 2004 and received an MS of Education from Kansas State University and an MA of Japanese from Purdue University.  I taught Japanese in the Midwest for almost 7 years. Throughout my course work and teaching years, I have developed my lessons to better connect with students’ everyday life an interest.  I enjoy learning about students and spending time to prepare lessons to suit them. I moved to Seattle in 2016 and started working at Hamilton International Middle School as an Instructional Assistant for Special Education Program.  I’m very excited to start a new school year at McDonald International Elementary School!

     Lastly, below is a farewell letter from Ms. Jane, who will be retiring at the end of the school year. Ms. Jane and Ms. Pat (who is also retiring) hope you will stop by the Meridian Park farmers markers on Wednesday June 12 between 5-7 to say good-bye to them.

    Goodbye for now McDonald International school community!

    It’s hard to believe I’ve spent 20 years working to support the growth and development of a generation of responsible global citizens, but here we are, and I have! It’s been a joyous and challenging journey, one that I wouldn’t trade for a second. Each family and student has touched me, whether you’re aware of it or not, and I thank you for the trust you placed in me over so many years. Although I will miss being part of this incredible active community on a daily basis, I look forward to occasionally substituting in the office. I’m not exactly sure how much that might be during the next school year, as my goal is to do as much traveling as I can. In September my sister and I are taking 8 weeks to go to Europe, (4 days in Paris, 6 weeks walking the Camino de Santiago and 10 days exploring Portugal!) After that, a winter trip with my husband to Hawaii, then an early spring road trip to Arizona (for Spring training) and Utah (for the national parks) Australia & New Zealand are on the list too, we just need to figure out when to squeeze them in.

    I look forward to this next chapter of my life and hope along the way, I’ll get news of how your children are making a positive difference in the world!


    Ms. Jane

     As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me at  


    Michelle Goldberg