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    Enrolling in McDonald International School (2017-2018)


    McDonald International School is an Option School.  This means enrollment is a TWO STEP PROCESS for families wishing to enroll their children here.

    1. Enroll your incoming student with Seattle Public Schools. The forms are available on under Admissions. (If your student’s home language is either Japanese or Spanish, you should indicate this on the enrollment form).

    2. School Assignments will be mailed to homes in early 2017. Because we are an option school, ALL students will be assigned to the neighborhood elementary school based on the home address. 

    3. If you want your child to attend McDonald International School, you must submit a School  Choice Form to Enrollment Services Feb 13–24 2017,   indicating McDonald International School as your choice.  This form will become available February 6 on under Admissions. 

    4. The deadline for on time submission of the School Choice Form is 4 pm Feb 24, 2017. The form must be received in enrollment by this time, postmarks do not count.  If your form is received after this date and time, it will not be processed until AFTER all the on time forms. 

    5. Students entering Second through Fifth grades will be required to pass a language proficiency test AFTER all enrollment forms including the School Choice Form have been received in Enrollment services, and BEFORE being assigned to McDonald International School. Families will be contacted by McDonald Int’l to schedule this test.

    Assignment Tie breakers for McDonald International School are as follows:

    • 15% of seats at Kindergarten and 1st grade will be assigned to native or heritage Spanish or Japanese speakers (these are families that have indicated their home language to be Spanish or Japanese on the original enrollment form).   
    • Siblings of current students.  
    • Students whose home address is within the Geo Zone.
    • Students whose home address is outside the Geo Zone.

    If your child is assigned as a native or heritage speaker, you will be contacted by McDonald International School to schedule a proficiency test.  (If they do not pass the test they will be assigned to their neighborhood school, but remain on the McDonald Int’l waitlist.)

    Important Transportation Note:
    students assigned to McDonald International School who live outside the transportation area for McDonald International are not eligible for transportation. Students who are assigned to the school through the Open Enrollment process do not get school bus transportation unless they live in the area the district has assigned as eligible for McDonald International School. If transportation might be an issue for you, please be sure to check that your child will receive transportation. 

    Summary of Language Selection Process:

    • 15% of available seats (4 seats per class) at kindergarten and 1st grade are set aside for native/heritage speaking students. These students are identified from the original enrollment forms submitted to SPS when parents indicate that either Spanish or Japanese is the primary language spoken in the home.  
    • All students assigned to Kindergarten at McDonald International School by early May will receive a welcome letter and a language preference form from the school.
    • Parents return the preference form to the school office by the deadline, indicating: language preference, if child has a sibling at McDonald, and/or if the child speaks one of the languages.  
    • In May, students who already speak one of the languages (native/heritage speakers), and students whose parents indicated fluency on the language preference form, are invited in for a fluency interview. 
    • McDonald staff meet in late May to assign students to either Japanese or Spanish. We do this by:


    New First grade students assigned to McDonald International School will receive the same welcome letter and preference form. Language assignment is based on space available. Waitlists will be created in the same manner as indicated in #5 above.


    Enrollment statistics from 2016-2017 

    • Initial Assignment: 53 students were assigned in mid-April and 10 seats were held in reserve for native/heritage Spanish and Japanese speakers. 


    • Native/heritage students: Of the 10 seats held aside, 9 were filled by native/heritage speaking students. The remaining seat was filled from the SPS waitlist.


    • Siblings: 31 of the 53 assigned kindergartners were siblings (expected number of kindergarten siblings for Fall 2017 is 14, however this data was collected in 2014 and is therefore subject to change)


    • Out of Geo-Zone: waiting on enrollment services for info.


    • Language assignment: All students were placed in their preferred language.


    • New students assigned in grade 2-5:  3 at third grade and 3 at fourth grade. 

    • Kindergarten students admitted from the waitlist: 10