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    English Language Arts (ELA)

    We use the Seattle Public School adopted Center for Collaborative Classroom (CCC) curriculum.  The program is comprehensive incorporating reading, writing, phonemic awareness, spelling, and vocabulary.  For more information, please go directly to the CCC website.


    McDonald International teaches to the Common Core and State Standards in math using Math in Focus and other resources.  The math team uses the Spanish version of Math in Focus in our Spanish Immersion classes.  Our Japanese immersion staff adapted a math curriculum similar to Math in Focus, but adapted from a number of Japanese sources and translated from English Math curricula.  For more information on MIF, please go directly to the Math in Focus Website.

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    We follow the Seattle Public School (SPS) District Science Curriculum after translating the material into Spanish and Japanese.  For details, please go to the SPS Science Webpage.

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    Grade Level Curriculum

    The intention of these curriculum maps is to offer an idea of what might be taught during the school year.  In addition, the actual content will be subject to change at any given time.  For the most up-to-date information, please contact the teachers directly.

    Kindergarten - curriculum map - 2016-17
    1st Grade - curriculum map -  2016-17
    2nd Grade - curriculum map - 2016-17
    3rd Grade - curriculum map - 2016-17
    4th Grade - curriculum map - 2016-17
    5th Grade - curriculum map - 2016-17
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