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    Split Days - Due to the immersion component of our curriculum, children at McDonald International School spend half of their day with one teacher and half the day with another.  

    McDonald Classroom and Support teams for 2018-19 (as of August 2018)
    *IA = Instructional Assistant
    *ELA = English Language Arts
    *LAP = Learning Assistance Program
    Kindergarten Spanish (Sp) Maestro Daniel (IA Maestra Enedina)
    Kindergarten ELA Sp Mr. Nate
    Kindergarten Japanese (Jp) Michiko Sensei (IA Tomoko Sensei)
    Kindergarten ELA Jp Frau Schroeder
    Kindergarten ELA Support/LAP Mrs. Bernard
    1st Grade Spanish Senorita Marylynn (IA Profe Mayra)
    1st Grade ELA Sp Ms. Rachel
    1st/2nd Japanese Reiko Sensei (IA Izumi Sensei for 1st Grade, Intern Hinano Sensei)
    1st/2nd ELA Jp Ms. Martinez
    2nd Grade Spanish Maestro Pedro
    2nd Grade ELA Sp Ms. Luke
    3rd Grade Spanish Maestra Klaassen
    3rd Grade ELA (Sp & Jp) Mrs. Roughton
    3rd Grade ELA (Sp & Jp) Ms. Kathleen
    3rd/4th Grade Japanese Yumiko Sensei (Intern Airi Sensei)
    4th Grade Spanish Senorita Kelli
    4th Grade ELA (Sp & Jp) Ms. Oakley
    4th Grade ELA (Sp & Jp) Andy
    5th Grade Spanish Profe Diana
    5th Grade Japanese Keiko Sensei (Intern Runa Sensei)
    5th Grade ELA (Sp & Jp) Mrs. Bixman
    5th Grade (Sp & Jp) Mrs. Vandermeulen
    Interns: TBD
    Enrichment and Services Team
    Librarian Ms. Pat
    Music Miss Pollema
    Instrumental Music Mr. Seeberger
    Art Ms. Amanda
    Physical Education Ms. Fleck
    Special Education (SpEd) Mr. Paltrineri
    SpEd & Academic Interventionist Ms. Holm
    Academic Interventionist Mrs. Busalacchi
    Counselor Ms. Kochvar
    ELL Mr. Grunewald
    ELL IA Ms. Marta
    School Nurse Lynn Carveth
    Speech Therapist Ms. Caroline
    Psychologist Mr. DiGiacomo
    OT Ms. Schlater
    Administrative Team
    Principal Mrs. Goldberg
    Assistant Principal Mrs. Facilla
    Secretary Ms. Jane
    Assistant Secretary Ms. Mary
    Custodian - Day Ms. Stacey
    Custodian - Evening John