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    Greetings from the @HomeLibrarian! It has been remarkable and overwhelming how many resources have been and are being made available to support learning from home. I'll try to collect and organize resources to support online reading options from fiction to research to learning something new. As well as some STEM activities.

    I miss being in the library making book recommendations, sharing books, and helping you learn. Keep safe and keep reading and exploring!

    In addition to the Learning @Home Resources below, I will be posting a weekly newsletter with book shares and an activity (or two). Also, please follow the library on Instagram @readingscotties. See what Mrs. Finnegan and your fellow readers are up to!

    Weekly Newsletters

    March 26, 2020

    Learning @Home

    The following resources are in addition to all the amazing resources provided on the SPS Online Resources and Student Portal pages.

    Virtual Library Lessons

    Join Mrs. Finnegan in interactive read alouds and other learning activities. I can't wait to share with you!

    Interactive Read Alouds

    The Cool Bean

    by Jory John

    Cool Bean Read Aloud






    Extension Activity to come.