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    Curbside Pickup Graphic

    Calling All Scottie Readers!

    Next Curbside Pickup is Thursday, February 25th!

    You can place up to SIX books on HOLD in Destiny Discover. Holds must be placed the Tuesday before the pickup!

    WATCH Mrs. Finnegan’s video on how to place your books on HOLD.

    How it works?

    1. To guarantee your pickup on Thursday, place your HOLD request by NOON the Tuesday. Mrs. Finnegan will run a report to pull the reserved books. 
    2. After NOON on Tuesday before pickup, the HOLDs process will be closed until AFTER the Thursday pickup.
    3. On Tuesday Mrs. Finnegan will send you an email notice that indicates what books are ready for pickup.
    4. If you place a HOLD on Tuesday after NOON or Wednesday, your book may be ready for pickup, but you will not receive an email message.
    5. To see what books you have on HOLD and Checked Out, check your Destiny Discover profile.
    6. On Thursday, families may pick up their reserved books between 8 and 4. Miss the pick-up? Books are saved for the following week's pick up.

    The Details

    Who can participate? This opportunity is available for ALL Scotties.

    How many books can students put on HOLD?  Students can put up to 6 books on HOLD.

    How many books can students check out? Students have 12 books out at a time. This includes 6 on HOLD and 6 Checked Out.

    Graphic Novel Details: Because we have a small graphic novel selection, students may only put 2 Graphic Novels on hold each week.

    Series Details: Please limit the number of books checked out in a series to the number you can read during the week

    What if a student forgot to put books on HOLD for this week? They can begin putting books on HOLD for the following week. We offer curbside pick-up, not curbside check-out.

    When are books due? Books are due two weeks later. Bring back your books during Thursday's curbside pick-up times. Remember we are a library not a book store.

    Still have books from last year? Please return them if you want to be able to pick up new ones.

    Need help with lost books? Email Mrs. Finnegan ( Together, we can figure out something.

    What Covid precautions are being taken?

    When books are returned they must be quarantined 1 week. See more information in the Covid precautions.

    "In lieu of the recent publication of the study results about the COVID virus on library items, there is a small change in the current recommended quarantine time for our library materials. The study indicates that materials that were stacked horizontally still had COVID particles after six days. At this time, it is the recommendation for library materials that cannot be quarantined in an upright position (unstacked) be removed from use for two weeks. If items can rest unstacked, they may be quarantined for a solid week. This may affect the number of times librarians may offer curbside services unless there is a conscious effort to use a separate set of books.

    Disinfecting individual books is time consuming, costly, damaging to books, and not always thorough, so is not recommended at this time. Use of gloves when handling materials and frequent hand washing are recommended. When planning curbside checkout services, librarians must make safe choices for their students and families that include proper distancing, use of PPE and quarantine time." Darcy Brixey, SPS Manager of Library Services and Instructional Materials

    Curbside Pick-up Datescalendar icon

    Feb 4 and 25
    Mar 4 and 18
    April 1 and 22
    May 6 and 20
    June 3 and 17

    How to place holds in Destiny Discover

    Watch the video to learn how to place a book on HOLD to reserve it for Curbside Pick-up. Learn how to remove a hold, and how to view your profile in Destiny Discover.

    Image of document for placing a hold in Destiny Discover

    Read the Quick Reference Document (QRD) on How to Place a Book on Hold. Note: the document is a District created document, so the there will be some slight differences because if is for all levels of libraries.