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    Seattle Children's Book Festival and a Wish List!
    Posted on 10/04/2019
    Book Series Zoey and Sasafras

    It's hard to believe just last week (September 28) I was surrounded by amazing authors and illustrators doing their thing, sharing their books with enthusiastic readers. My job was to make sure they didn't run out of books to sign, and I failed at my job. Much to the amazement and excitement of everyone, this day was a phenomenal success. We ran out of books!

    I had some moments to check out all the tables and began dreaming about all the books I could bring to our Reading Scotties. When I shared a few finds in a Readingscotties Instagram post, there was a request for a wish list by @lily_and_ida. So, I pulled one together using Amazon.

    However, just because this list is on Amazon does not mean you need to purchase from Amazon. All of these amazing books can be found at your favorite independent book store. This will list will change as new Scottie wishes are made. 

    Reading Scottie Wish List (