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    When does my child have specialist classes?

    The specialist schedule runs on a three-day rotation for 1st through 4th grade, and a four-day rotation for Kindergarten and 5th grade. Each student has a specialist class at the same time every day, but the subject changes depending on if it’s an A, B or C day, and if it’s an D, E, F or G day. 1st through 4th graders rotate seeing Art, P.E. and Music teachers. Kindergarten and 5th graders rotate seeing Art, P.E., Music and guidance teachers. The specialist class that your student attends on a given day depends of their homeroom teacher. For example, on “A” days Ms. Luke’s class has art. Check with your homeroom teacher to know which specialist class goes with each letter day.  You can find calendars that indicate which dates are A, B, C, D, E, F and G below:

    January schedule
    specialist feb 2019

    specialist march 2019

    specialist april 2019

    specialist may 2019

    specialist june 2019