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    Spring 2021

    Preparing for in-person learning.

    With six feet of spacing, 12 desks fit in each of our classrooms.


    Our hallways are tall and adorned with flags from around the world on the 2nd floor, and salmon on the 3rd floor.

     2nd floor hallway  hallway salmon art

    Outside, we have wide open spaces for the children to run around and play in. Our playground has 4 gates that are locked during the school day. 


    Below are a few photos from the past when we had some creative crosswalks painted in our Scottie honor. The Scottie walks are on NE 54th St. We no longer have bicycle parking in the street. We moved bicycle parking up next to the school building right by the front door. The Space Needle walk is at NE 55th St.  

    our scotties crosswalk   our scotties crosswalk


     our space needle crosswalk Scotte Dig