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P.E. Newsletter – Feb/Winter

From Ms. Fleck
Kids have been getting cardiorespiratory exercise in P.E. class. Physical activities that exercise the heart include: jumping, running, dancing, biking, swimming and hiking. Also, all grade levels have been working on throwing and catching. If you wish to borrow a piece of equipment for throwing and catching with your child outdoors, please e-mail me at I have a few extras that I would be happy to share.

Concepts of Dance (Grades K-2)
Starting in late February, students will have 5 consecutive lessons about the concepts of dance. This is a curriculum developed by PNB (Pacific Northwest Ballet) and includes concepts of: space, level, body parts, direction, speed, and level. On the final lesson students create their own short sequence, practice it, and perform it for their peers.

Ultimate Frisbee Team (grades 3-5)ultimate frisbee image
Ultimate is a wonderful outdoor sport that uses many skills, builds confidence, and can lead to hours of fun. It is also great exercise. There’s an exciting opportunity for students in grades 3-5 to join a school community ultimate team. Two parents of McDonald International students are planning to coach a spring team. Are you curious to know more, or definitely interested? Please contact Deb (mom of Miles S. /3S) and Lisa (mom of Juniper/3S) They would love to know if you are interested, or if you have any questions. No experience required.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety (Grades 3-5)bike helmet image
Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety (Grades 3-5) Between Feb 10 – March 7 students will have lessons in P.E., about pedestrian and bicycle safety. Please look for paper coming home to families on Tuesday, Feb 8 in Kidmail (paper in backpack).

Free Plant Exchange Coming This Springtomato
In PE, students learn the importance of eating a variety of foods (fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and protein). I’m currently working with PTA on the free plant exchange (socially distanced) event for McDonald International. If you are interested in being involved with the planning and implementation, please reach out to me at