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    Whenever you visit our school, please use the front (South) entrance and go directly to the main office.

    If you and your student(s) arrive after the second bell in the morning, please go straight to the main office and sign in your student. 

    It is important to sign in properly, communicate to someone in the main office that you are signing in, and wear a visitor badge whenever you visit our school.  We appreciate everyone’s patience and support as we work to increase the safety and security of our school. 


    Illness (keeping kids who are sick at home):
    Please encourage your students to wash hands, get plenty of rest, and drink lots of fluids.  If students do get sick, please keep them home.  If your kids have a fever, diarrhea, or have vomited, they need to stay home for at least 24 hours. 

    Pick up and drop-off procedures:
    All student pick-ups and drop-offs using a motor vehicle must be done on NE 54th street, regardless of the weather.  When we have before-school rainy day recess, please do not park or drop-off on NE 55th street as this causes a traffic jam in the bus zone and delays the arrival of students on these busses.  When using a car to deliver your students on rainy day recess mornings, please drop off as close to the south cafeteria door (near the southwest corner of the building) as possible.  An adult will be waiting just inside this door to remind your student which covered play court they will walk to. 

    On rainy afternoon pick-ups please do not stay inside the covered play-court when the classes come out of the building.  This creates a safety concern as teachers are less able to see who is picking up their students.

    Private school applications:
    If applying for private schools, please give us notice at least two weeks in advance and provide necessary envelopes and stamps.

    Education Plans and Vacation-related Absences:
    Students who miss school due to vacations will have a vacation-related absence on their attendance record.