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    Art Room News – Curriculum Night Edition!
    What’s New in the Art Room?
    This year, I’m trying some new ways to communicate with families, starting with Instagram. It’s a fast and easy way for me to document student work in progress. Now you can get a glimpse of the process behind the works of art your kids bring home! Follow us on Instagram @mcd_intl_art.  In addition to Instagram, I’ll also be utilizing Artsonia, an online art museum for kids, as a way to share student work with families. Check out and you’ll see why I think it’s awesome. One of my favorite features is the gift shop where you can get items like shirts and mugs with your child’s artwork printed on it. I hope to have it up and running by mid-October.
    Want to Help?
    This year I am so lucky to have my very first room parent: Judy Aks!  Hooray! I am so excited! Judy created a SignUpGenius page just for the art room:
    If you would like to help by joining your child during his/her weekly art class and provide support to students as they create, please use the link above.
    There are lots of other ways that you can help the art program at McDonald International School this school year:
    ·         Before/after school: Help keep the halls beautiful by hanging up art on the bulletin boards or prep materials for students to use in class.
    ·         Donors Choose: We use a lot of art supplies every day. When it’s time to re-stock the shelves, I’ll be utilizing Donors Choose to raise the funds necessary to purchase replacements. If you would like to learn more, please go to   There’s a project posted right now—I’m trying to re-stock my 3-D art-making supplies like clay and plaster.
    If you have questions, or would like to help, please let me know:
    Focus on Perseverance
    Art is not easy. A blank page can be intimidating. Drawing realistically can seem impossible. And mistakes can make you feel like giving up and tossing your work in the recycling bin. When faced with challenges in the art room, it’s important to have some strategies for how to persevere. This year we’ll work to create a repertoire of tactics for dealing with the tough stuff—in the art room and beyond – while learning about line, shape, color, texture, space and form.
    Kate Baker
    Art Specialist | NBCT
    McDonald International School | 252-2928