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Student Activities

Student Activities at McDonald International

For a calendar of school sponsored activities, please go to the School Calendar. For a calendar of PTA sponsored activities, please go to the PTA Events Calendar.

Before and After School Activities

McDonald International PTA has a full calendar of of after school enrichment activities. Please visit their website for descriptions and links to sign up:

Summer Activities & Immersion Camps

We currently do not have any summer activities or immersion camps scheduled. Check back in May/June.

Things to Look Forward to When We are Back In School

Obon and Dia de Muertos

During the week leading up to the event, the cafeteria and gym are decorated in Mexican paper flowers and pennants and Japanese lanterns. Ofrenda and Bondana are set up on the cafeteria stage. Both include offerings to the dead, such as flowers, fruits, and vegetables and other items. Families are encouraged to bring pictures of their deceased loved ones to be placed on the Ofrenda. At lunch time, parent volunteers discuss Obon and Dia de Muertos with students.

During the evening event at the end of the week, participants enjoy a potluck meal, singalongs, crafts (sugar skull decorating and goldfish kendama toy making), face painting, and performances. The potluck includes traditional Pan (bread) de Muertos and Mexican hot chocolate. Japanese first graders perform a Bon Dance, a traditional dance which is a main part of Obon festivals in Japan.  Spanish Kindergartners perform a “Skeleton Dance.” Lastly, a local Mexican dance group graces audiences performing traditional dances. Every year this is a highly anticipated event. 

McFestival: Celebration of Art and Music

McFestival is our annual school art show and music concert. Each spring students get to showcase their learning in Art and Music class and celebrate their creativity with families. Unfortunately, we’ve had to cancel last and this year’s events due to COVID-19. We are looking forward to having McFestival again, hopefully Spring 2022!

McFestival picture
McFestival Blue Picture
McFestival Art picture

International Night

International Night is our biggest event of the year! In May, the entire school community gets together for a festive evening to celebrate our international McDonald community with class performances, guest performers, food, arts, and crafts.