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    Welcome to Art!

    In Art Class, students get to explore various visual arts media and techniques to create a variety of projects throughout the school year. Art Class will introduce students to a variety of art genres, movements, and artists, both historical and contemporary. Studio practice is an important part of our learning, as students learn how to care for materials and artwork.

    Washington State Arts Learning Standards (WASALS)

    Seattle Public Schools has adopted the Washington State Arts Learning Standards (WASALS), which are organized into four domains, or artistic processes. In visual arts, we focus particularly on Creating, Responding, and Connecting.

    International Education & Art

    In Art Class, we try to examine visual arts through an international lens as often as possible. From our Art Activism unit, to self portraits that explore aspects of identity, our projects and lessons often follow McDonald’s International Education Standards. 

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    Democratic Studio PracticesIn Art Class picture

    My ongoing goal is to foster greater student leadership and collaborative problem-solving in Art Class. Students work together to create agreements and jobs that help us take care of the studio and each other. Students will nominate their peers for jobs multiple times each school year. Through these jobs, our student-leaders hold each other accountable for taking care of the art studio and materials, upholding art studio agreements, and making sure all artists get what they need to learn and create.

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    Perseverance & Growth Mindset

    Art isn’t always easy. Certain projects or media might really challenge us. In Art Class, students are encouraged to embrace these experiences because we know that we learn the most from our challenges and mistakes. We are always working hard to develop a positive attitude and growth mindset towards the art-making process. We celebrate every happy little accident and “beautiful oops."


    Critical Thinking

    Art isn’t just about making beautiful drawings and paintings. It is also an important lens for understanding and responding to the world around us! In addition to making art projects in Art Class, we will also spend some time reflecting and talking about the art that we study and create.

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    Meet the Art Teacher

    Greetings! I am Ms. Amanda. I have been teaching Art at McDonald International since 2016. It has been my pleasure to get to know McDonald students and build our art program in partnership with this amazing school community. 

    When I’m not at school, I can be found making art, embroidering, reading books, visiting art museums, hiking and traveling. My favorite art media are printmaking and fibers. 

    You can keep up with your students’ art projects and learning on Artsonia and by following the McDonald International Art Instagram, @mcd_intl_art.

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    Questions You May Have

    Q: How will you be communicating with McDonald families?
    While learning remotely, you will be able to find information about Art Class on Seesaw. If you have any questions about this, please email me at

    Under normal learning conditions, the best way to know what’s going on in art class is to set up your family’s Artsonia account. We may not use Artsonia as much this year, as students will be uploading their work to Seesaw. If you enjoy the Artsonia app, you are welcome to continue to use it to archive student projects from home. 

    Artsonia is an online portfolio system that I use to archive and assess student work. It is also a fantastic fundraiser. Student names and information are kept confidential to the public, but the site allows you to share your child’s artwork with other family members so they can view and comment on art projects, even from across the globe. You can also purchase merchandise featuring your child’s artwork. These items make great gifts and Artsonia offers a wide selection, from t-shirts and mugs, to quilts and phone cases. The best part is, 20 percent of your purchase goes towards our art program! 

    Another easy way to get art program updates, is to follow our school’s art Instagram, @mcd_intl_art.

    Q: Do you need parent volunteers?
    Yes! Once we are back in the art studio, volunteers will be most welcome! Help and involvement is always appreciated, especially in the spring when we start gearing up for McFestival, our annual Art & Music show. All volunteers must fill out the appropriate paperwork with the office before volunteering in the art studio. When you become an approved volunteer, please contact me at and I can send you the Sign Up Genius so you can plan your volunteer schedule.

    Q: What is McFestival?
    McFestival: A Celebration of Music & Art is our annual school art show and music concert. Each spring students get to showcase their learning in Art and Music class and celebrate their creativity with families. Unfortunately, we had to cancel last year’s event due to COVID-19. While we cannot currently anticipate events for spring 2021, we can all look forward to having McFestival again, whenever it is safe to return to school.

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