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    Meet the Art Teacher

    Greetings! I am Ms. Amanda, and I am thrilled to be joining the McDonald community. Last year I completed my first year of certificated art teaching at Wedgwood Elementary. In 2015, I graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in Art Education and minors in English and French. I spent my student teaching internship at the International Bilingual School of Provence, in Aix en Provence France, where I got to work with students and teachers from all over the world. My favorite art mediums are printmaking and fibers/fabrics. I also love art history! When I’m not at school, I can be found making art, embroidering, reading books, hiking and traveling. 


    Ms. Amanda

    Art Studio Goals

    Perseverance & Growth Mindset

    Art isn’t always easy. Certain projects or mediums might really challenge us. In Studio 205, students are encouraged to embrace these experiences, because we know that we learn the most from our challenges and mistakes. This year we will be working hard to develop a positive attitude and growth mindset towards the art-making process. We will be celebrating every happy little accident and “beautiful oops".


    The art we make will not always be masterpieces. Some projects will be more successful than others and some drawings won’t be perfect. However, we can always put forth our best effort to create something with quality craftsmanship. In Studio 205, we really emphasize taking our time and working carefully to have good craftsmanship.

    Critical Thinking

    Art isn’t just about making beautiful drawings and paintings. It is also an important lens for understanding and responding to the world around us! In addition to making work in Studio 205, we will also spend some time reflecting and talking about the art that we study and create. 


    What’s Up Next?

    To kick off the year in Studio 205, the whole school will be doing a unit of study on Yayoi Kusama, a very important contemporary artist, whose famous Infinity Mirrors exhibit is currently on display at the Seattle Art Museum. If you haven’t already taken the opportunity to check out this amazing exhibit, I definitely recommend you go before it ends on September 10th. Students will be learning about Kusama’s infatuation with dots, her use of color and shape, and her focus on the theme of infinity. We will make individual and collaborative projects, inspired by her own work. 


    Questions You May Have

    Q: How will you be communicating with McDonald families?

    A: In the past I have used quarterly newsletters to inform families about art projects, units of study and art-related events in the community. I plan to do the same thing here at McDonald. You will probably receive these newsletters via email.

    I am also working with the previous art teacher to get access to the classroom Instagram account, @mcd_intl_art. Stay tuned for more information on this soon.

    If you have any questions about art class, please contact me at

    Q: Will you use Artsonia this year?

    I hope so! I have never used Artsonia before, but I know that it is very popular here at McDonald. I plan to familiarize myself with the platform over the course of the year. I also welcome help from any parents or family members who have volunteered or worked on Artsonia in the past.

    Q: Do you need parent volunteers?

    Yes! Help and involvement is always appreciated. I will be reaching out to the community as specific projects and tasks come up. If you are super eager to get involved now, please email me at