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Bernard, Lauren

2nd Grade English Language Arts Teacher
Kelli Black photo

Black, Kelli

4th Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher
Miwa Casper Photo

Casper, Miwa

4th & 5th Grade Japanese Immersion Teacher
Mayra Castanos-Burgueno photo

Castanos-Burgueno, Mayra

Language Immersion Instr Asst
Harumi Chappel photo

Chappel, Harumi

Language Immersion Instr Asst
Daphne Chebeleu photo

Chebeleu, Daphne

Speech Language Pathologist
Photo of Michael Dahl

Dahl, Michael

Office Assistant

Einmo, Diana

5th Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher
Zoe Facilla Principal photo

Facilla, Zoe

Principal & 504 Building Coordinator
Photo of Susan Finnegan

Finnegan, Susan

Liz Fleck photos

Fleck, Elizabeth

Teacher-Elementary Physical Education Specialist
Julia Gendrich

Gendrich, Julia

Instrumental Music Teacher

Groves, Sharon

Occupational Therapist
Rachel Grutz photo

Grutz, Rachel

1st Grade English Language Arts Teacher
Amanda Haber

Haber, Amanda

School Nurse
Photo of MaryLynn Halpin

Halpin, MaryLynn

1st Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher
Photo of Jennifer Holm

Holm, Jennifer

Kindergarten/1st Grade English Language Arts


Hello, my name is Ms. Jenny. I have been teaching at McDonald International School since 2013. My first year as a kindergarten and 1st grade teacher began in 2022. Before that, I was an Instructional Assistant. My favorite feeling is when I see kids have that light-bulb moment.

By Annika (5th grade)

Marta Janer-Villanueva photo

Janer-Villanueva, Marta

Multilingual Learner Instructional Assistant (IA)
Angela Kllassen photo

Klaassen, Angela

3rd Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher