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Bernard, Lauren

2nd Grade English Language Arts Teacher

Bhaskar, Emily

3rd Grade English Language Arts Teacher

Black, Kelli

4th Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher

Casper, Miwa

4th & 5th Grade Japanese Immersion Teacher
Mayra Castanos-Burgueno

Castanos-Burgueno, Mayra

Language Immersion Instr Asst

Einmo, Diana

5th Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher

Facilla, Zoe


Finnegan, Susan


Elizabeth Fleck

Fleck, Elizabeth

Teacher-Elementary Physical Education Specialist
Photo of Norma Garcia

Garcia, Norma

Multilingual IA
Mary Slater

Govern Slater, Mary

Elementary School Assistant

Personal Message My role as a member of the Scottie community at McDonald is to do whatever I can to support teaching and learning in this stimulating and high functioning environment; supporting administrative staff and teachers, tying a shoe for a wiggling kinder, answering questions for parents. This and much more falls into my day, and I am happy to be here!

Jim Grunewald

Grunewald, Jim

ELL Teacher

Grutz, Rachel

1st Grade English Language Arts Teacher

Biography Teacher-Elementary

Haber, Amanda

MaryLynn Halpin

Halpin, MaryLynn

1st Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher

Holm, Jennifer

Teacher-Special Education-XG

Janer-Villanueva, Marta

Angela Klaassen

Klaassen, Angela

3rd Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher

Personal Message  

Carlen Luke

Luke, Carlen

2nd Grade English Language Arts