McDonald International Elementary

McDonald International

Policies and Procedures

clipart image of a scottie dog reading a book

Number of Check Outs

We encourage a healthy appetite for books and understand that some read more quickly than others.

  • Kindergarteners – 1 book to start the year, then 2 books after Winter break
  • 1st Grade – up to 4 books
  • 2nd & 3rd – up to 5 books
  • 4th & 5th – up to 6 books
  • To accommodate popular demand, students are limited to two graphic novels and one book in a series.

Library Due Dates and Fines

All library books are checked out for two-week increments. Students may renew most books, unless the book is already on-hold for another student. There are a few very popular series that students may not renew. We want to remind readers that students are borrowing books that many readers want to enjoy.

We do not charge for late books, but you will have to deal with Ms. Finnegan’s sighs if you forget to bring a book back ontime. Also, patrons with an overdue item may not check out additional items until overdue materials are returned.

Lost or Damaged Materials

Many of us have experienced a book’s untimely demise when it meets up with a untrained puppy, a puddle on the way home from school, or a water bottle gone rogue in a backpack. In the event that a library item has been lost or damaged beyond reasonable use, we ask that families simply replace the item. Please speak directly with Ms. Finnegan prior to making a replacement.

Behavior Expectations

McDonald Scotties are fierce with their studies, gentle with our library. Please remember, the Scottie Way in our library.

  • We take care of ourselves by speaking quietly, walking safely, following instructions 
  • We take care of each other by listening to and helping each other
  • We take care of our school by using shelf markers, treating books, shelves, and equipment respectfully, and returning materials on time